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We'd like to welcome you to the My World network and invite you to get involved in our international community!

We want My World to become an active community where you can make new connections with international schools, so to get to know more about each other we'd like you to take part in an introductory task. The task involves your pupils creating a story along with a video, slideshow or photographs to introduce your school, region and country, allowing others to find out more about where you live.

We have created our first free My World resource to guide you and your class through this task. Click on the document to download the resource.

If you need tips on creating your first story, this guide on HQ can help:
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Cat Dempsey says...
I think it is a great idea to create an area on Radiowaves which focuses on International schools as this will help the site to become less UK-centric! I am looking forward to giving our students the opportunity to showcase our school and themselves to a real audience, this will certainly make them more enthusiastic to learn about report writing!
12 February 11
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