Footbal Match - Fußballspiel

Wir haben am 30.01.2011 ein internationales Fußballspiel angsehen

Football Match
International football match at the Abbey Leisure Centre

Yesterday we watched a football match at the Abbey Leisure Centre. Team A consisted of people from all over the world whereas team B included people from European countries, as for instance France, Germany and Spain. Because of this we got the chance to interview the football players before, at half time and after the game in our foreign languages, which in our case was German.

Especially, we interviewed two people from Germany, whose names were Sandra and Sascha. Both of them were very eager to play and to fight for their teams. During the first half of the game Sandra was the only girl scoring a goal and so our team took of course the chance to interview her afterwards about what she was thinking and what her feelings were. Altogether, one can say that all of them have really enjoyed the game and that it was great fun.
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