Moving Pictures

Like my dancing cat?

I now daren't change my display image from my signature 'Dancing Cat'. I seems quite a fitting thing to me and I love it.

I used to get quite a few questions on how I got it up here. Finally, I have written a little piece to instruct you if you ever feel like a change.

Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format and means a bitmap image format. I think this applies to everything in colour (computer geeks correct me) and includes still and animations.

However, how I got my profile image is by saving an animated gif onto my computer off the Internet, and then simply putting it on my profile.

So, 'The Steps'....

1. Go onto the Internet and type 'gifs' or 'cool animations' into your search engine.
2. Find one of the websites (obviously check if it's safe like you should always) and click onto it.
3. Either search for an image, in my case 'Dancing Cat', or use the links down the sides to navigate your way round the website and find what your looking for.
4. Right click on your selected image and select 'Save picture as'
5. Save it. When you open it, it should be called a gif (don't take my unprofessional word for it).
6. Upload it to Radiowaves.

However, I have hear rumours that too many GIF pictures uploaded to the website can crash it or something of the sort. I have no evidence to back this but all the same, I wouldn't keep changing your display image.

REMEMBER- Some images may be subject to Copyright. Always check the images are royalty free.
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