The second rehearsal

This is what happened at our second rehearsal for our kc peformance on Good Friday

Today, Wednesday 23rd March 2011, we had the second rehearsal for our don't just sit there project. We learned section three and four, which was added on to one and two to complete the dance which will be performed at the KC stadium on Good Friday. We were all so glad that we had learned it all as we could not wait to learn it. For the first hour we rehearsed the dance in the dinner hall but after that we went in hall. We only had Kim and Becky teaching us but it was still as fun as last week! In two weeks time we will be making the routine PERFECT, ready for rehearsing at the KC stadium on the 12th and 13th April with the other schools taking part in the project. We have all been working really hard on section one and two so hopefully we won't have to work that hard on those to hard so we can refresh our brains and remember sections three and four. All of us are really working hard and excited about the big day. Although I am not going to he KC stadium I hope every one has a great time and tries their best. I have done a pantomime at the Hull Arena but I bet this will be scarier but better experience. And remember folks, practice makes perfect! So, we are practicing every day at home or at school (or at least some of us) to achieve that goal. I practice every day even though I am not even going! Miss Robinson our teacher is always pushing us to go all the way. She believes we can all do it and we CAN. We have watched the pitch rehearsal and it will look ace at the KC on Good Friday. That’s all folks. Bye
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