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The piano is a great film by aidan Gibbons it is some what outstanding . The piano has no dialogue despite this though the colour and faded music in the back ground the mood of the piece is clealy set a the story creates more imagination to your mind.

Now the film is set in two different locations.The first setting is the old man playing the piano in a pitch black room.Next the man and his friend in the war setting . Finally the next setting in the house with the boy now the boy joins the man on the piano.

The man at the start is Gibbons main character. He is gloomy most of the film. His friend dies and makes him even more gloomy than ever before. His grandson is the only one he has left and we all wonder will he live?

The man is playing the piano . Next the woman joins him after that friend dies in front of the man finally the boy plays on his hobby horse.

I think it is a fabulous film it is like it speaks to you and it is gloomy and it give me goose bumps and a carming mood and gives me sad memories!!!
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