Word Of The Month From All Over The World - April 2011

English: happyalbanian:i lumturarabic: ????bulgariun: ???????chinese: ??croatiun: sretandutch: gelukkigfinnish: onnellinenfrench: heureuxgerman: glücklich<

English: happy
albanian:i lumtur
arabic: ????
bulgariun: ???????
chinese: ??
croatiun: sretan
dutch: gelukkig
finnish: onnellinen
french: heureux
german: glücklich
greek: e?t???sµ????
hungariun: boldog
icelandic: hamingjusamur
indonisiun: bahagia
irish: sásta
italian: felice
japanese: ??
korean: ???
latin: felix
noweigen: lykkelig
polish: szczesliwy
portugese: feliz
spanish: feliz
swedish: glad
welsh: hapus
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