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my competition!

it was so exciting

As you all know my competition was on Saturday 9th April 2011.
Well, First of all I went to lodge park so that I can get my hair done by my mums friend. She did a French plait and it was really tight. Then she sprayed my hair so much that when I touched it felt really hard. I had to leave early because my mum had to help with the teas and tuck shop. It finally came to the competition and I started on vault. I thought it went really well. Then we moved piece and I went on bars. I thought that went good. After that I went on beam. I was second on beam and I didn't fall of at all. My coach said that she would buy everyone who stayed on will get a prize. My final piece was floor. Sadly I w first on floor but after my floor routine I was glad because I was glad it was over and down with.

At the end I got to sit down and rest and watch the rest of the other people in the gym do their last piece. It was a great day and guess what I passed.

Thanks for reading!
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