Eggy Oddities...

An egg the size of my fist... But what is inside?

What's inside?
With Easter fast approaching, I hope this is not in the bunny's basket this year...

An almost impossible coincidence has become a reality for a rather surprised young egg eater. The monstrous egg weighs almost 200g and is the size of my fist and when cracked open it not only reveals it's own yolk and white, but also a surprise, regular-sized egg. When this was opened another white and yolk was revealed... Talk about Buy-One-Get-One-Free!

This could have been caused by an upset in the hen's ovulation system, the Farms Director at Clarence Court explains:

“The hen’s egg takes around 20 hours to complete its journey down the oviduct. The eggshell is formed round the egg in the last quarter of the oviduct. Very rarely the complete egg becomes stationary in the oviduct where a young hen gets its sequence wrong or suffers a shock. A complete new shell is then formed around the already complete egg resulting in an ‘egg within an egg’”.

Wow, what an eggstra-ordinary event... (excuse the pun...)
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