European Youth Week: S2R Europe 2

The teams' thoughts on the project...

What the participants of S2R Europe 2 said about the project:

"It was definitely an experience that helped me understand better what the Olympic Games really mean, what great efforts are made to offer to all of us a great show and in the same time to assure the sportspeople the best conditions for training and competing." -Maria

"The EU supports cultural and interactive projects amongst young people from all over Europe because their purpose is that the new generation understands its basic structures and organization, so that the EU’s goal can be clearly understood..." - Alin

"On this project I have enjoyed getting to know many people who are very fascinating and enjoyable to work with and the places, issues and themes that have been explored by the group during discussions have been most enlightening" -Loren

"The training week was great because the people who worked with us were very nice and helped us with the interviews. I also liked the fact that they made everything so clear for us and understood our wishes. During the training week, I undertake the role of cameraman with the MEP, I take some interviews on the street in our last training day and at school I put the interviews with the MEP altogether." -Teo

See the videos, blogs and photos from the project here:
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