EuropeanYouth Week: My Europe 3

What our team thought about the project...

Here's what our participants had to say about the project...

"We have interviewed our friends at home, and some unknown people on the streets. We have asked them; what do they think about the chances of getting a job in the EU.
We have discovered that it is not too hard to get a job int he EU, but to get a good one, you need to work hard." -Erik

"I absolutely loved this project, because of the challenge, it required several skills and gave the opportunity to interview fascinating people and brush up on my English. It was an extraordinary week, I've met over twenty people at least from four different countries." -Adam

"The project was very interesting, and I hope the gained experience will be useful in the future. I enjoyed meeting new people and doing the interviews." -Guntis

"I really enjoyed the project because I like working with a camera. I am creative, so my head was full of ideas how to film my movie. Of course, the best thing of the project was a trip to London. I took great delight in sightseeing. The most enjoyable moments were interviews on London streets because it helped me to be more self-confident. I enjoyed evenings with students from different countries." -Ruta

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