European Youth Week 2011

Celebrating our projects

This week is European Youth Week, a week where the young people of Europe have their say, and we celebrate the projects that have been made possible through European funding.

You may have noticed that the My World network is funded by the British Council, through their Youth In Action fund. This is because Youth In Action have funded many projects, all of which have been hosted right here on Radiowaves.

Over the last year, S2R Europe 1, S2R Europe 2, My Europe 3 and My Europe Network News have taken place, involving over 60 young people from all over Europe, from...

...England, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Scotland and France!

All of our projects involve young people becoming reporters on a dedicated project station on Radiowaves, which they use throughout the project to get to know each other, post blogs, videos and photographs, and comment on each others work. At the end of each project the station becomes the legacy, allowing people all over the world to see their work. Here at My World we have also designed some resources which allow other schools to replicate our project activity.

S2R Europe 1 saw students from France and Scotland meeting up for training in Glasgow and Edinburgh and making videos about sports provisions in their areas, with a special focus on the upcoming Olympics in 2012 and Commonwealth games in 2014.

S2R Europe 2 brought together young people from Romania and Bromley who spent a week being trained and making videos in London. Their training week involved reporting at the London Marathon, visiting the Olympic Park and interviewing Catherine Bearder MEP. The reporters made videos about sports facilities and the upcoming Olympics in 2012.

My Europe 3 saw four teams meeting up and taking part in training an reporting in London. The teams were from Romania, Hungary, England and Latvia, and the reporters chose an issue they felt was important to young people in their country.

My Europe Network News involved young people from Latvia, England, Slovenia, Poland and Germany each hosting the network for a day and creating lots of news reports about stories from, and the history of their countries.

The Network News Awards are being announced this week so look out for the winners!

We are very proud of our European projects, and all the hard working participants who have made them a success, and we hope to run many more projects like these in the future.

We would like to say a huge thank you all the teachers and students who have participated in the projects, and all the MPs, MEPs and other VIPs who have been kind enough to be interviewed by our reporters.

Follow the links on the European Youth Week channel to see the work from each of the projects, and please leave your comments!
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