The Ghost Of Pennington Lane.part 1*

In the year 1284 a man called the pied piper died of the black death a disease that was wiping out the population of Britain. Ever since he has been haunting the town stealing the children who lived t

In the year 1284 a man called the pied piper died of the black death a disease that was wiping out the population of Britain. Ever since he has been haunting the town stealing the children who lived there.

A year later a boy called Richard was 10. He had rich brown hair and blue eyes. His lips were very thin. However he was no ordinary child though acording to his parents he was the boy who will slay the pied piper. By now he had taken 600 children for highly unknown reasons.

One day Richard was walking threw the town market to get some eggs for his mother. He saw a strange mist round by the meat store.
He cautiously walked towards it thinking that it was nothing mysterious. However it was mysterious. Suddenly a strange light appeared it was so bright that he had to look away. It dimmed and as he turned around he saw a strange figure. He did not know who or what he was. Infact he was face to face to the Pied Piper...

He grabbed hold of a sword a tried to stab the person from hell but he was to late the Pied Piper grabbed him by the hand taking the sword with him. Boom Richard had landed in a narrow cave that probbably went on for miles and miles on end. His vision went blury he could hardly see a thing. Then a small stubben figure with grey teeth and grey hair pulled him along a passage way that went on for miles.

Richard could here a construction noise from up ahead he had a terrible feeling that he was going to become a slave. The man strapped him to a chain that was wide enough to fit round his whole body. He was the led to a table with a hammer and a chissle. Richard reductantly picked up the tools and started to work away. Next to the tools was a pile of wood he wondered what they were for.

He looked around he saw the other children sadly working away. His eyeswidened in horror he was building his own prison! He felt mortiphied when he found out. His heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. How was he going to escape? The old man forced him to work. How was Richard going to escape?

2 hours had passed since Richard started working away. The old man gave him and the other children 50ml of water and a slice of bread. "Hello I am Henry who are you"? whispered one of the other children. "I am Richard"Richard replied. They carried on talking while they worked.

The next day the cage was finished. It was bigger in width than height. However it was big enough for all of the children. The old man put Richard and the other children in it. Later on the man gave them food and whipped them. Richard pushed the man out of the cage. " You can't let him hit you like that". He revealed his sword it, glittered in the moon light shining brightly.

A boy in a black clocke and black pants with a white shirt spoke. "Your right we did not do a thing you were very brave" Richard was thinking about a plan to fight the Pied Piper. He looked around there was not a thing in sight. But then he had an idea...

Just then the Pied Piper came. All of the children fled to the back of the cage. The Pied Piper picked up one of the children and pulled them out of the cage. The room fell silent as the Piper left. It was not long before the sound of screams filled the air. The children worriedly fell asleep.

The next day after the old man gave them breakfast Richard explained his plan of escape. It was to chop of the old mans hand and break out of the cage. Then they will fight of the guards go to were the Piper was and force him to let them free. If not Richard would kill the Piper.

The next day when the man Richard with drew his sword and sliced the hand of. There was blood every were. Then Richard started cutting threw the cage. The cage fell down creating an enormous thud. Then disaster struck the sound must of awakened the Pied Piper because he was there in front of them giving the a fierce look.

To Be Continued
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