Camdean Night to Remember

Photographs of Primary 7's having a fantastic time at their Prom!

On Wednesday 29th June 2011 Camdean Primary resembled a Hollywood red carpet event as the Primary 7's celebrated thier Prom! There were Limousines, Kilts, beautiful dresses and proud parents galore. Pupils enjoyed a fantastic evening which included a disco, a delicious buffet, a chocolate fountain, the crowning of a Prom King and Queen and a giant Conga!

This is what the P7's had to say about thier Night to Remember!

"I liked the Limo before the Prom and the chocolate fountain"

"It was great I would do it tommorrow" (Kieran, Room 6)

"I liked the Hummer" (Argyll, Room 6)

"I liked how everyone was dressed smartly" (Emma, Room 6)

"I liked the limo drive to the Prom and i didn't like so much was the Conga but other than that the Prom was great" (Shannon, Room 6)

"I liked going in Graeme's Limo because it was cool inside" (Kaitylin John, Room 12)

"The best bit was Graeme's Limo because we were singing on the karaoke and the second best part was the food because the chocolate fountain was yummy"

2My best bit was the limo and the food it was amazing and the music was great" (Callum, Room 12)

"I really enjoyed the Prom it was awesome" (Luis Abbot, Room 12)

"The Prom was good and my favourite bit was the limo and the conga it was amazing" (Alanah, Room 12)

"I liked when we all arived and the limos arrived and got pictures taking. I liked the chocolate Fountain as well" (Darci, Room 12)

"At the Prom last night we played games at the end and the boys had to put there hand with an other bioy to make ba brige and girls had to fgo thriough it and if the music stoped then the boys had to put thier hands down and kiss the girls""

The Prom was the best Prom ever, i really enjoyed the game at the end, you had to get in an arch and the boys came through and when the music stopped you had to kiss the boy in your arch"

"The Prom was brillant I loved it most of the boys were handsome"

"I thought the Prom was amazing I liked it all" (Adele, Room 12)

"I thought the Prom was fantastic I liked everything I really enjoyed it" (Carrie, Room 12)

"I liked the food and I liked the songs at the Prom"

"My favourite part was the chocolate fountain"

"I wish I could have another one it was awesome"

"The winning Prom King was the best and also the music"

"The best bit was the food because I loved the chocolate fountain it was yummy!!"

"I liked the limo because there were sweets and juice. I liked the music and the chocolate fountain, my favorite game was when the girls or boys made an arch and when the music stopped who ever was besider yopu you bhad to kiss them on the cheek"
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