Rioting Thugs

Mindless criminality has broken out across England... it has to stop!!!

What is the world coming to? During the past four days mindless thugs have torn up parts of London, Birmingham and Liverpool in viscous riots causing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of damage. The pictures shown on the news channels are absolutely shocking and they have filled me (along with many others I'm sure) with rage.

The rioting started in Tottenham on Saturday evening after a protest against the killing of Mark Duggan by police officers. His family say he was a good man and a family man whereas reports suggest that he was a member of the Star Gang and that he had links to the Broadwater Farm Posse and Tottenham Mandem, and when Duggan was shot, it appears he had a handgun on his person.

The protest against the shooting of Duggan soon turned nasty and it wasn't long before yobs started setting fire to police cars, buses and buildings, and soon shops were being looted and destroyed along Tottenham High Road. It is rumoured that children as young as seven years of age were seen to be looting gaming, electrical and clothing stores, and the violence also led to twenty-six police officers suffering injuries with forty-two arrests being made.

Unfortunately, the violence, rioting and looting continued on Sunday as it spread to Oxford Circus, Brixton, Islington and Enfield, and last night, copycat attacks broke out in other cities such as Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham and Bristol. The amount of fire shown on the television has been rather incredible. In fact, there's hasn't been this much fire in London since the Blitz in 1940.

One thing that I am extremely unhappy about is the members of the media and members of the public who are condemning the response of the Metropolitan Police by saying that they were 'nowhere to be seen'. It's not their fault that they're not at particular places immediately. There have been about 6,000 officers on the streets of London over the past three nights and they have just been completely over-stretched.

It's all very well increasing the number of police officers to 16,000 for the upcoming nights but a) will that be enough to stop these thugs? and b) what are they going to do once they have arrested rioting youths? Throw them into a prison cell with a comfy bed and a nice TV? There are many options that could be employed but I think causing injury is the answer... that should stop the yobs pretty sharpish.

In history this year I learnt how the police force of Birmingham in Alabama in the U.S.A wrongly used water cannons and dogs against peaceful protesters campaigning for Civil Rights in the 1960s. The tactics used successfully dispersed the protesters but it was condemned by many as it was used against peaceful protesters, however, the rioters and looters of England are not peaceful. As a result, I believe that water cannons must be utilised and that police dogs should be released from their leads and allowed to maul the out of control idiots who are causing an unbelievable amount of damage to the cities of our country.

This criminality is sickening and it is affecting so many people as they have lost their businesses, cars, homes, and they are living in fear. At this moment in time, football seems extremely unimportant and therefore it is no surprise that many fixtures (including England's friendly against Holland at Wembley) have been postponed.

This is a very sad time for British society but it MUST be remembered that not everyone is rioting and that not every youth is a mindless thug. I'm sixteen and I absolutely condemn what is happening and I am 100% certain that more youths agree with me than disagree. As a country we have to unite and I am extremely glad to see the 'RiotCleanUp' ( campaign already helping to restore London's streets.
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