Pokemon Kanto part 2/7

The second part

Your enemy Fin, wants to battle.

"Let's have a 2 on 2 battle. Go, Grimer! "

You send out Bulbasaur.

Grimer-30 Bulbasaur-50

What attack will you use?


Tackle misses


What attack will you use now?

Razor leaf!

Grimer uses Endure!

Leaf has no effect!


Grimer uses Goo!

Bulbasaur faints!

You return Bulbasaur and send out Charmander!

Charmander uses ember


Grimer faints!

Fin decides to change his Pokemon

"Return Grimer. Go Eevee!"

Charmander shoots Ember at Eevee ....

and knocks Eevee out!

"Hey! You… I shall see you later, when I have trained!" booms Fin as he runs off.

It is getting late so you return to the Pokemon Centre at Eno and heal your Pokemon, before going to sleep there.

You have a very strange dream.

You are lying in the forest
when a pokemon flies past.
It has wings like ice….....

When you wake, you leave the Centre.

You have two choices.

You could head to the next city or visit the Shack first.

The shack is where an old crazy man lives.

The shack.

You knock on the door to the shack.

An old man welcomes you in.

You explain about all that has happened.

He nods and sits quietly. The man is a good listener.

" Take this for your time".
The man gives you a gem with ice in!

" It will bring you luck. Visit each shack for items. Say the password 'jamontoast ' and you will be able to enter the shacks."

(Remember the password, you will need it in later chapters.)

You thank the man and walk out.

You walk out of the city.

You feel strange as you leave, but carry on walking until the path splits two ways.

You take the left path.

You hear the cries of many pokemon.

Eventually you come to a river.

Across the river you see a pokemon.

Do you .......

You cross the river.

You cross the river by jumping over it.

You release your pokemon in the area to let them rest.

The pokemon you saw across the river was a Scizor. You see it in front of you.

Battle time!

You engage in battle!

You tell your Charmander to come over.

Your Charmander yawns and goes to sleep!

Pikachu, Squirtle and Pidgey are all asleep as well!

Suddenly you feel sleepy too.

You yawn and fall asleep!

When you wake up the sun is still shining as ever.

Suddenly, you hear a rustling in the bushes.

A Bellossom appears!

It does a dance for you and heals your pokemon!

Then you leave this amazing place and cross the river.

Leaving the forest behind you,
you arrive at the next city.

The city of Owt.

You heal your pokemon first before going to the gym.

"Hello, I am Owt, the Grass Pokemon Gym Leader. Do you wish to challenge me?

Let's have a one-life battle.

You must knock out one of the opponent's Pokemon and vice versa.

You can change Pokemon as often as you want.

So, let's begin!"

You send out Charmander, because you think you might have a slight advantage.

He counters with a Sunkern

Sunkern - 20 Charmander - 50

What attack?

Chamander use ember!

Ember hits Sunkern but he returns it!

Owt quickly sends out another Pokemon.

"Go, Bellossom!"

Here's a sneak preview of what's is coming up.

Passwords to enter and codes to crack.
Will you beat Owt?
What will be your next Pokemon to join your squad?
Will you have more crazy dreams?
Will you see your enemy Fin again?
Will you ever find a ledgendary Pokemon?
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