My top twenty songs!!!

1.Wretch 32-Dont go2.Sean Paul-Got to luv u3. Avril Lavigne- smile4.Rihanna-Cheers5.Ellie Goulding-Starry eyes6.Wiz Khalifa-Till im gone7.Jay z-otis8.Adele-Rolling i

1.Wretch 32-Dont go
2.Sean Paul-Got to luv u
3. Avril Lavigne- smile
5.Ellie Goulding-Starry eyes
6.Wiz Khalifa-Till im gone
7.Jay z-otis
8.Adele-Rolling in the deep
9.Chris Brown-She aint you
10.Olly Murs-Heart skips a beat
11.LMFAO-Party rock
12.Maroon 5-Moves like jagger
13.Aloe Black-I need a Dollar
14.Jason Derulo-It girl
15.New Boyz-Backseat
16.Jessie J-Whos laughing now!!
17.Dappy-No regrets
18.Jojo-Get out (leave+
19. Gym Class Heros-Sterio Hearts
20.Cher Lloyd-With ur love

Hope u like them!!!
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