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Greenscreen Blitz

Alan came in to do green screen it was fun.

The Blitz
First we walked in to school we new it was going to be a different day because Miss Sullivan said a man was coming in to do greenscrean. The mans name was Alan. He showed us some amazing greenscren tectonics and some examples.

Then we had to chooses our photos and then we write our script we asked if we could have 2 photos because we said in the scripted that we went inside the raid shelter It was quite funny because Connie my partner had to run around in circles.

After that we printed off our scripted and we had too practise saying it was very canfusing because we just had our initials like M: and for Connie C:. Then we had break.

When we came back from break are classroom was all change in the middle of the classroom the greenscren was set up it was really wired because the screen wasn't green it was grey but Alan had a light machine to make the screen green where the 3rd group to do are presentation. It was fun!!!!