School Games Competition: Young Musician

Ideas for composing music inspired by the London 2012!

ET6 Welwyn St Mary's School
J6 WElwyn St Mary's School
Homerswood year 5
Homerswood year 6
Gold is best by Panshanger year 5 and 6
Monks Walk School and feeder primaries are working on a local songwriting competition. Each school will compose a song representing the values inspired by sport: Determination, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Self Belief, Excellence, Teamwork. Have a listen to performances recorded at the concert in March. The best song will be crowned our regional winner! For details, follow the story here:

The Youth Sport Trust and Musical Futures have been running a series of composing workshops across the country. Download the 'How to guide for teachers' which is packed with ideas for how to use sport as the inspiration for a composition. Video and audio gallery of outcomes and resources can be found here:

In the words of one of our teachers: This song was written by the children in Years 5 and 6 as part of a song-writing project with Monks Walk Secondary School. It took probably about half a term. Working with the children was James, a songwriter, and Mrs Ferdenzi, the music teacher.
The first step was for the children to generate words and phrases on an Olympic theme and then to put them into a structure, simply using verse and chorus, with a bridge. The children were able to suggest simple melodic phrases, which James was able to make work with the piano. James took away the words and phrases to tidy up and add a piano accompaniment.
Once the children had got a flavour of the song, they broke into groups to explore instrumental accompaniments. For the first time in the school, the children had access to ukuleles, which presented an exciting new challenge for them. Other instruments included djembe drums, guitars, keyboards, ocarinas, recorders as well as untuned percussion and voice. Having explored the various possibilities, they noted where in the song their ideas might fit and performed in front of other groups.
Mrs Ferdenzi, the music teacher, was able then to take the best of the ideas to create a first draft for the accompaniments. Mrs Ferdenzi passed the ideas back to James who translated them into a backing track using Garage Band. When the children heard the backing track they were delighted when they recognised how some of their ideas sounded.
The children performed the song in a concert at Monks Walk Secondary School for the first time.
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Anna Torpey says...
Absolutely amazing - well done kids
15 May 12
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