Rememberence day

What will YOU do for Rememberance day?

  1. The Rememberance wall
  2. Never forget
  3. A real Poppy flower
  4. A field of Poppies
  5. The ceremony that takes place on the 11th of the 11th
  6. Sometimes words can be used instead of guns.
Rememberance day rap... But by me!
Rememberance day is a time where we remember those who have fallen in battle for us.

Tens of Millions of brave soldiers fought through the horrible conditions of war. They were underfed. The tense life or death situations. The wet bunkers. The only thing they get out of it is pride for the country. They dwell on the same thought. They miss their families, the old life.

Most of those people die.

They feel pain.

The only friend they have is the other soldiers, and that letter from home they read over and over again in their bed.

I've made a rap about the soldiers and rememberance day...


I have my poppy.
Have you got one too?
Because those brave soldiers
Aren't as happy as you.

They deal with the rain,
And the violence in the sky.
But they're still going,
* And I don't know why.*

Millions have died,
Through the wars at least.
It's very unfair how
The soldiers die, when the Leaders feast.

Not all of them makes past the line,
Most of them die,
Thrown into a mine.
But they are still pushin'
Being grateful for their lives,
As a bullet comes toward them,
All they can do is dive.

I hope the message is clear,
And you now know that,
We must remember the lives
Of those who fell flat.

I hope you remember those who died for you.

See you next time, my friends.
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What will YOU do to remember?