Science Museum in londen.

At the Science Museum me and the rest of my group went into the shop and we were allowed to bring up to £3.50 and we were allowed to buy more than one thing each. I brought 4 things the things I brought were 2 stretchy aliens that were 40p each 2 baby aliens in a egg that was £2.00 and a dice for my dad that was 50p.After a while we all went to see CRASH BANG WALLOP it was about explosions there was a man telling us about a triangle and the letters were F for fire H for heat and O for oxygen and they all needed to go into the triangle.Then we went into the launchpad there was a big box and there was a long string attached to the box and then I needed to put my top and bottem teeth onto the string and put your fingers in your ears and it would play music. And the other thing that was in the launchpad was a quite short tube and it was see through me and Kira was looking at each other and when we was the tube looked like Kira was quite far away from me but she wasen't.It looked AMAZING! And there was quite a object that Ihaven't seen before but it was really fun.It was like a t shirt but stuffed with hard things and there was tied ropes to it that you needed to hold on to and at the top you needed to hold the ropes and there was pictures of feet that you needed to put your feet and you spin round. After you needed to put your body out if you wanted to go slow and your body in if you wanted to go fast.It was the best trip I ever had.
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