Epic face story

A story about epic faces,it`s EPIC!!!

Once upon a time there was an epic face,OK wait there I need to go to the toilet.Hear flush
That`s better.Where were we,oh yes I remember now.

Once upon a time there was an epic face,his name was Tony.One searingly hot summer`s day,tony had to go to school.You may think,he`s only a face how can he go to school?That`s the clever bit.You see, Tony had wings.So he could fly high into the air like a majestic eagle.Today was no different.
"Don`t forget to put on suncream",tony`s mother said.
"I won't",replied Tony.
Soon,Tony was geared up and ready for flight.
Up,and up he went into the cornflower blue sky.Very,very soon,he was at school.
"Hiya Tony",said Steve.
"Hi Steve,it`s so hot today,I feel like I`ll set on fire!"Tony replied.
"I know.shame teach won`t let us wear hats in class.She says it`s `rude` or `impolite`",Steve agreed.
"You know you sound just like her",Tony chuckled.
"I DO NOT!"Steve shouted,obviously surprised.
It was not long until it was time to go in.Everyone hung up their bags and went into their classes.there,thy had the fright of their lives.
Sitting their was class 5A's teacher,with smoke coming from her head.She was on fire.
"Oh no!Miss Hilton`s on fire!"shouted Steve.
Suddenly,Tony had an Idea.He took the fire extinguisher and sprayed it at Miss Hilton,at full force until the fire and smoke had died down.
"Yay!Tony`s a hero!",Danielle shouted with glee.
"Tony!Tony!Tony!"Class 5A shouted,including Miss Hilton.
For the rest of the week Tony lived of fame.He craved every moment of it.Until the end...............

The End
Well,that was very weird.they almost sound like human.I hope you enjoy the story and I hope it made you laugh.Please comment saying your opinion whether you liked it or not
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