The Carling Cup: My view

Right let's cut to the chase, The Carling Cup is not a very successful trophy that the "Big Four" go for. OK Chelsea got to the final last year, but they had a poor manager, because he was only the part time, caretaker manager. They lost the Cup to Tottenham!! I mean what team does that?! Look at the Premier League Table at the moment! 19th place!! I must admit Tottenham don't even belong there hehe. (I'm revelling in it).

Back to the Carling Cup though, I think it is a worthless cup, purely on the basis that most of the "not so good teams" try and win it, because they are not strong enough to win The FA Cup or The Barclays Premier League.

Post back any comments you feel are relevant. I'd love to hear your views on The Carling Cup.
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