The Carling Cup: The Better View

Should stay as the Carling Cup to give lesser clubs a greater chance at stardom and fortune.

3 Views, Pidge got it right
An interview with me, SirPidge, on my personal views on how great the Carling Cup is. It's a stepping stone to the top four! A smaller club can win this cup, gain European access, gain a vast amount of prize money, recgonition as a great cup and part of their trophy cabinet filled!

Obviously people who support any of the four big clubs will see it as pointless, after all, if any of these clubs get to the final two of them won't! They'll be the first to say it's pointless; however, smaller clubs will think 'better luck next year'.

On my poll, vote that it is a completely amazing cup and should stay, and please, see beyond the Arsenals, Chelseas etc etc and see how smaller clubs can become great clubs!

remember when Huddersfield won the league three times in a row? No, because it was near on 1oo years ago! Every club starts somwhere, the big four had to. Let the smaller clubs of today become the greater clubs of tomorrow.
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