The iron lady!

The legacy of the ex-british prime minister Maggie Thatcher lives on

The media and the cinematic vision industries are set to play a biography of ex-British prime minister who changed Europe forever, Margaret Thatcher. Her history points out that she didn’t make up her actions as she went along, but rather carrying on the legacy of her predecessor, Dennis Law. The move for the movie was being long awaited. Many famous people commented on what they thought of the film, and their appreciation towards it. People like current PM David Cameron: "I think this is a wonderful move for the tabloids to make. I think this country really needs to begin to know and understand its heritage, and I think a film is the best possible way to put it.." other people like James Cordon were also present.
the film will be coming out shortly. Many people can’t wait to see what the cinematic vision industries have produced, but you are guaranteed a five star experience..!.
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