our new topic

our new topic is really fun and I would like to tell you all about it!

This term we are learning about inventors and inventions from the Victorian era. We have been doing some research on Queen Victoria. We drew portraits of her and wrote a descriptive piece of writing. We have only just started the topic and already are walls are covered in information. We also went on a educational school trip to a place called Blists Hill (a victorian town). There were lots of different victorian shops there such as the sweet shop, the bakery, the chemist, the drapers and lots more! We also saw some of the victorian houses for example the squatters cottage, the toll cottage and a very FANCY rich persons house!!!!!! We also saw a victorian school when i saw it the first thing that came into my mind was AAAAAHHHH!! This was pretty scary I thought we went for a break not to go through another dreadful school day!!! Anyway it was a pretty fun day (especially when we were on our way back and stuffed ourselves with sweets)!!!
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