Our BBC Scotland Interview - part 1

We interviewed Seonag MacKinnon after the filming was done for the day

Seonag's interview
We interviewed Seonag MacKinnon after they had finished filming at Tanshall for the day.

It was great to meet her. She told us how she became a reporter and why they chose Tanshall to film in. We were recommended by a person who said that our school was doing amazing things in ICT and that's what they wanted to see.

She had been impressed by what the nursery children could do, how good P1 were on their computers and was wowed by P5 on the netbooks doing animation, Radiowaves, powerpoints and knowing so much about internet safety.

Having filmed for over 1 and a half hours at Tanshall they will edit it to 2 minutes and it will be on the 6.30pm Scottish news one day this week. Everyone at school can't wait to see what bits were chosen.

It was weird cos she talked so fast and quiet - technolady found that really odd considering she kept telling her to say less when she was being interviewed! Maybe we are all used to speaking slower and louder!!!!

(We tried our best but are a bit disappointed with the audio, sorry! We are working on improving this when videoing in a noisy room.)
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