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Day for Change 2012!

Let's raise money for Day for Change!

  1. Day for Change 2012
UNICEF and schools have been working together on Day for Change for over 20 years. They ask schools to make a change in their day and ask students, staff and parents to make a donation to UNICEF for making that change. Each year there will be a different country chosen and a different theme. Day for Change 2012 focuses on UNICEF’s Education through Sport programme in Uganda, where they use sport and play to improve the health and happiness of children. In Uganda, UNICEF uses sport and play to reach vulnerable children who are often excluded such as orphans, children with disabilities, former child soldiers, child refugees and children left homeless by conflict. In order to raise money for the children in Uganda, the school is asking you to bring in all your loose change to stick to the running track on the stage. If you have any coins that you can donate, please bring them in on FRIDAY 3RD JANUARY!!
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