Trainees from Somerset County Council meets Democracy Minister at the Ministry of Justice

Youth Engagement

Open Day at MoJ
The eleven trainees from varied academic and career backgrounds attended the popular democratic awareness day.

Somerset County Council Graduate Development Scheme was set up as part of the Council’s Young People’s Strategy, which aims to recruit more young people into the organisation. Trainees are employed for three years, work in one directorate of the Council and have the opportunity to study a postgraduate qualification during their work programme. While some graduates joined to broaden their career opportunities, others wanted to pursue their interest in improving the lives of families and young people in Somerset. Trainees currently work in either the Council’s Children and Young People’s Directorate or the Performance Management team of the Chief Executive’s office.

The purpose of the trainees’ visit to London was to find out about the role of central government and its relationship with local authorities. The trainees are keen to discuss central government’s expectation of schools and colleges to deliver the citizenship agenda. During their trip the group meet officials from Democratic Engagement Branch and Human Rights Division and visited DCSF, FCO and the House of Commons.

Minister responsible for youth engagement met the group and spoke about the work the department is doing in engaging young people.
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Sam Jogee says...
Dinendra - Last year I attended your open day and really enjoyed and got lots out of it. The young people in the video seems to enjoy the session with the Minister. Why don't you open this out to more schools, young people to see what the Ministry of Justice does and how the political decsions are made. You are the only one department which allows young people to the department and allows a session with Ministers. When I attended with my friends, we were allowed inside the minister's office and we were shown their Red box. We also saw Jack Straw's office. All of that has motivated me in politics and getting young people involved in decsions making.

Thank you.

Sam from Glasgow
29 November 08
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