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Carr Manor High is holding a fundraising event for the Sara Djoudi appeal, one of their own year eleven pupils.

Sara Appeal
With the goal in mind being to raise as much money as possible for Sara Djoudi, Carr Manor High school with all its pupils and teachers are doing various fundraising activities. Examples include marathons, bun sales and donations.

The Sara Djoudi appeal isn't your average appeal to Carr Manor. It is't something like Children in Need, or the Red Cross. They're not giving money to mysterious businesses, only to not really see the effects. Sara Djoudi is one of Carr Manors own pupils. When she was 14 years old, she developed a brain tumor. Diagnosed last year, she's now 16 and currently preparing for her GCSE exams.

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Sally - DigitalMe says...
Well done - great report! Good Luck with the Fundraising!
13 February 12
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