Day 5, written by Tim Rhys-Williams & Josh Limbrick

Italian plumbing...

Today started off well. We first of all were rudely awoken by Mr Underwood knocking violently on the door at the crack of dawn! Unable to have a shower because of a burst water main (typical Italian plumbing), we got back into bed for a while. We arrived for breakfast a few minutes late but because the food isn't brilliant there was plenty left. We also had the pleasure of the left over ham and cheese Mrs Powell sorted out for us the day before. The skiing in the morning was over at Fabrosa village meaning we had to go down a black run and then taking the oldest (52 years) 20 minute one man chair lift to get back up to the top.
The afternoon skiing was quite good and we managed to get through the day without any 'major' injuries. Yet ,as it is the Italian holiday, the queues for the chair lifts meant the wait was for about 15 minutes! The groups were mixed and we had a test to see what our skiing level is.
We returned to a boiling room as the cleaner had shut the door but we dolled ourselves up and headed to the shops, but this was prolonged for eight people as they had a misfortune with the lift, but they didn't miss out on much as the shops were rubbish! For tea we went to the pizzeria place which was good food but dragged on for a bit. However, we had plenty of funny stories to tell and gossip to spread. We came back and packed for going home and have been forced into an early night! Oh and on a brighter note the bugs have left us.
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