Day 5, written by Charlie Watt & Will Alexander

Ski blog

Today was the penultimate day of skiing. The good thing is that we did our first proper black run! It was really scary but I really enjoyed it! I was feeling a mixture of emotions, mainly excitement and fear but they went away as soon as I felt the adrenaline rush through my body, it was an exhilarating feeling. To be honest I was more scared of the chair lift going up to the run than the actual run. There was a really steep and sudden drop which made most of our group feel sick with fear.

We were also assessed on our skiing ability. We were tested, one by one, by the skiing instructors. The test involved skiing in control down an unfamiliar slope, proving to the instructors that we could turn and stop with confidence. It was quite nerve wracking as the whole week's lessons came down to this. However, our teacher, Piero had full confidence in our ability. He is an extremely good, helpful and funny teacher. Unsurprisingly, we all did well, even though Charlie managed to fall over on his first turn. Each of us were given a medal and a booklet showing our score and grade.

The teachers decided to treat us to a pizza at the local pizzeria in the town, Prato Nevoso. Most of the students had margharita, whilst some others opted for pepperoni, sausage or vegetarian. Before the meal, we were awarded our medals for our progress and we all accepted them gratefully. We all had a great night and it was a great way to end the week.
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