The Final Day by Francesca KK

"...such a wonderful experience"

Today was the day to go home and leave such a wonderful experience behind with precious memories, joyful laughter and trustworthy teamwork. The hotel got up with mixed feelings, the feeling of disappointment that we were leaving but the happy feeling that it was another day skiing. The morning of skiing went so quickly but was absolutely brilliant. Lunch was gorgeous and I treated myself to 3 mains because they were so yummy. We had another 2 hours skiing yet it felt like 20 minutes skiing. There was a sad tension as we all knew that we had had our last skiing lesson overall. We handed our boots, skis all sorts back to the ski rental shop and had a quick rush to finish packing and shower. The room I was in was manic as we were all running round getting everything sorted. The next hurdle we had to overcome was getting all of our belongings down the stairs. What a hassle. We are still yet to have dinner but I'm more than sure that it will be wonderful. I'm not ecstatic about the bus journey home as it will drag on a bit but I can't wait till I see my lovely family and my animals. I'm sure it will be the main topic that will be spoken about at school for the next week and a bit. Can't wait to see everyone again and tell them all about our wonderful experience.
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