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The Big Change

I hope you enjoy my story and at the end i hope you will understand how much they need our help.

I am writing this story becasue i think every one on planet earth should have the same amount of food, water,jucie,toothbrushes and toothpaste a bed,clothes and shampoo and conditioner.

chapter1 survival for children
10.6 million people died in 2003 befoer they reached the age of 5(same as the population in France,Germany,Greece and Italy).1.4 million died each year from lack of access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.

chapter2 give them a chance to realise there dreams
200,000 child slaves are sold every year in Africa.They are an esitimated 8,000 girl slaves in west Africa alone.Only57% of African slaves are children.I really feel sad for them because they dont realise the things and life they could have.This is to people who waste food try not to because we are lucky to have nice food and clean water.

chapter3 never give up to change poor to normal
what i want to do is get people to sponsor me and give that money to buy stuff like toothbrushes(toothpaste) shampoo and conditioner,sweets,clean water and food then send it away to them.If i was doing it please be one of the people that help give money to the poor.I have just started to realise what we get and they don't, my teacher Mrs Beattie inspired me because of our groups on a Wednesday. The group is called global citizen and fair trade. I think i am a global citizen now i know poor people really need our help

chapter4 our turn to suffer
Ther is the poor and the normal/rich i think it is time for us to suffer.There is a lot of boys in my class that have stuff like xboxes,ps3s,scooters and bikes.I just think its time to let the boys think how they would feel to lose all of that they would be so bored and sad but think how they feel no school no anything.

chapter5 if i was queen
If i was queen i would bring every poor person alive to a rich place and buy them a house.Then give them 200,000 pounds to start them of and a shopping spree. Never let the poors dreams fade away .Thank you for listening/reading i will make a change! by choclatecoco

Thank you for all the time you have gave up listining/reading this story.I will help make a change for people that are poor thank you choclatecoco xxxxxx
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