pandora's story

Pandora box is unleashed.

Created by the fire god hephaistos. Pandora isa very exquisite woman Married to charmingEpimetheus.

Zeus, the king of gods bestowed upon her a shiny casket and told thatshe must never open it but Pandora was determined to find out what was in it.

Shewished her lovely husband would let heropen the mysterious crate. It started to drive hercrazy not knowing the secret of the casket so she went to ask him.

One day that stunning showy chest seemed to pull hertowards it until she couldn’t resist it any longer. Pandora waited untilher husband went outside to work then ran her faltering hand over the shiny wooden lid until shetouched the metal clip. Then Pandoraheard exquisite singing from inside the box. At last she gave in and unleashed it.

After unleashing the creatures all the bad things that flew out of the wooden box changed everyone’s lives for all eternity. Poverty, envy, pain, hunger, sickness. They all came out flying everywhere and heading for earth but luckily hope was left to save them from misery.

Epimetheus was shocked that Pandora opened the box because Zeus warned her not to open it.

?By Danyal S?
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