Soldiers Charity Contact!!!

As part of our video and research we have contacted many charities, including Soldiers Charity. Kirsty Irvine, a woman who gets into contact with the people the charity help agreed to put us into contact with some of the soldiers here is their responce.

One is a former soldier who served for 8 years in the Royal Engineers which included 2 tours of Iraq. He is in his late 20s and now working in film in London. His answers are:

1. What does a truce mean to you?

A truce is an agreement between two parties. It could mean to stop fighting in a war. It should be respected but isn't always. It also means one side has to 'lose' in most cases. This can be a problem for countries where pride is an issue. Most countries would want to win. They say the history books are written by the winners. But in some cases a truce can be reached when both parties are tired of the fight and want to call it a draw.

2. Do you think peace is possible?

I'd like to think so but I'm not hopeful. There are over 7 billion people on the planet and we are all never going to agree. The strongest will always take from the poor, it happens in nature and amongst humans too. Ghandi said we should be the change that we want to see in the world. He inferred that by acting peacefully others would follow your example. Ghandi was shot and it seems all those who preach peace are, John Lennon, Yitzhak Rabin also come to mind. Peace is used as a political tool by countries and we know we cannot stop fighting because the other side might not. It may seem scary but it happens in the animal kingdom everyday.

3. Do you think that countries and people will always fight?

Yes. People are by their nature competitive. We've had wars since we've been alive and we always will. During my time in High School there were wars in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Congo, Eritrea, Burundi, Rwanda, Djibouti and many many others. I don’t believe there’s been a time when there has not been a war or fighting somewhere on the planet, we generally only hear about the ones we’re involved in.

The other individual who is a serving soldier who was severly injured in Afghaninstan in 2009 resulting in the loss of both legs & his right arm. His answers are:

What does truce mean to me: It means an agreement between to party's be two people or two country's or more . That they will both agree to stop fighting each other and agree on a peaceful solution to there problems .

Do I think there will be peace? I don't think there will be peace 100% as there are always going to be people or groups that are not happy or think they are in the right and religion is a big part of this .

Do I think that countries or people will always fight? Yes as that's what's happened over hundreds of years and I can't see how that will change.
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