Find out what issues are affecting us in South East London

As part of the Youth Citizenship Commission, Gordon Brown wants to know what issues are affecting the young people of Britain today and how he can make sure we get more involved in trying to make a change. Watch our video to find out what we think and lea

Harris YCC
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Tom Brown says...
Thanks for your report. I'd like to hear what you think the solutions to gun crime could be?
29 January 09
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loretta frimpong says...
i don know what type of e-mail you want but i think what the school is doing there is really good by showing how the school as a whole using representatives to show how we feel about knife crimes but i think when you huys are talking you should keep temper down. now they've heard what we think how about solution?
14 March 09
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samira ali says...
I think u guys have addressed an important issue affecting our area..and u are also brave to mention this issue and declare that u want a change for the better
well done
19 April 09
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togoodtobetrue says...
07 October 09
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