y4 castles landing pad

making katapults

on wednesday 1th of aprill we buit catapults that was fun we grouped up in 4-5.
And then we put it out side and had a rest.
Then after break we finished our catapults.
We had to wait for the rest of the teams to finish ther catapults.
So we went back to Mrs Cowlans class and made a flag.
me and my team, decided what to call our selves so did Mrs Cowlan who helped us and my team make our catapults very quickly.
we called our selve team p.a.s.s, that actualy sounds like team pass.
when we made our flag we went out side and saw couple of peoples still builting there catapults.
after all of those catapults that we made was finished we went to see the other clases to see how there getting on with thier new - made flags, that look 100pst buetifull.
I was in charje thats why i had to go last.
When i shouted fire, they had to fire.
Me and my team worked realy hard but our catapult that let us down was not a nice thing.
In my group there was alvina, smriti and sapana.
Alvina and myself throgh the farest but on the second go i came 5th and i nearly let my team down.
we drawed some buetifull rose and some bit decorations and started putting sticks around the flag so that it would not fly around, outside the field.

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