a story about my future careers

Hey! it's Spiike dude and you are reading my new story decisions,decisions! It's about my future careers and fallbacks. Don't worry it's not as boring as it sounds! well here it is! As some of you will know, I have started making my own coool comic books, such as The Adventures Of Professor Porkypine and Sonic In Mushroom Kingdom! My Dad told me that when I'm older I could make a living of creating Comics but I'm not sure if they will be a sucess. I have also considered being a Comedian because that is my favourite thing ever man! But that would also be a hard thing to make a reality! Last but not least I have considered being an Illustrater cuz I'm a pretty good drawer but as you should have catched on by now, know it will be very had to accomplish! Well thats my story and I want to see what you'd go with, okay bye!
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