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Station Statistics

Radiowaves Statistics, Awards, and Events attended by Inverkeithing High School

Station Basics

Station Name: Inverkeithing High School

Radiowaves Teacher: Mrs Baxby, English

Publishers: Mrs Baxby, Lewis Phillips, Jack Townsend

Station Created: October 2007


July 2008: Video of the Year - Gadget Guys

April 2009: Listeners Choice Award - Inverkeithing High School

April 2009: Reporter of the Year - Lewis Phillips

Influences on Radiowaves

August 2008: Radiowaves Review Network Launches - Gadget Guys

May 2009 Fife FM Re-Design - Lewis Phillips

Events Attended

April 2008: Kingdom FM Awards

September 2008: Scottish Learning Festival

April 2009: Kingdom FM Radiowaves Awards

May 2009: Asdarc Demonstration

September 2009: Re-launch Party

Station URL

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