Horror High School

When we think of horror movies the usual cliches apply: howling winds, after midnight in an old ramshackle house. Surely a state of the art 21st century school can't be the setting of a genuinely scarely movie? Or can it?

Horror High School
S2 pupils in Mr Hindson's English class decided that Halloween should come early this year when they made their very own horror movie.

Entitled "Horror High School" it tells the story of several S2 pupils who stay after school to investigate the strange disappearance of a popular teacher and whether rumours of a ghost in the English Department are true.

The pupils are shocked to discover that the truth is much more disturbing, and deadly, than they could ever imagine.

Scripted, storyboarded and starring the pupils themselves, "Horror High School" is the first of several movies that the pupils hope to make in the coming year.

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chloe bentley says...
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08 October 09
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31 October 09
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