Knowledge is Power

Our LCP 2015 entry

As soon as we saw that Lights Camera Parliament was running this year, we both had one idea in mind; the fact that children should be educated, as part of their compulsory education, on current affairs. The video above shows exactly why this should be done; young people cannot recognise faces somewhat familiar to those who do watch the news, read newspapers, or even read it online, whether it be via an app or a website. Young people are the adults of tomorrow, and without any understanding of what is going on around them, how can they make educated decisions as adults? How can they understand the world around them? How can they express their views on a subject they don't even know exists?

We see this every day at school; whether it be another student, or a teacher, mentioning something that has happened recently, they are always met by blank faces. Our idea for a law stemmed after a lesson where someone had mentioned the shooting on the Charlie Hebdo offices, and many people in our class had no idea 'who' Charlie Hebdo was. Especially now, we are told the 'future' is fast approaching, and yet, we are not being educated on the world around us, a world we will be entering in only a few short years. Imagine a generation of adults with no idea who the leading political parties are? A generation that cannot name a single major crisis that has just happened, despite it being publicised on every platform possible?

Young people are convinced that by ignoring the world around them, plugging in their headphones, staring intently at their screens, that the issues don't concern them. That it isn't their problem. But it is. Every subject mentioned on the news, every day, will have an effect on them some how. We need to educate young people, to show them that the news isn't 'boring', and that it does concern them.

Knowledge is power; yet, without knowledge, people have no power.
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