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One day there was a boy called Cinderboy. He loved football. He supported Crystal Palace.He had a dream to play for Crystal Palace. In two weeks Crysal Palace were playing in a cup final. When the day came the three step brothers got a ticket but Cinderboy didn't get a ticket but he had an idea. If he tidied up quickly, he might be able to watch the match on telly. So he turned on the telly and at half time his team was loosing 10-0! All of sudden, a TV Godmother came onto the telly and said you can play the game!
When he was playing, he scored all the goals, won the game and was made team captain. But the TV Godmother said you have to be home just before the match ended.
Unfortunately, he didn't make it and was late home!
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ANS says...
i love this we have it at shool
31 March 11
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BOOM box says...
cool book
15 January 12
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cool says...
15 January 12
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blessing says...
20 February 12
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