Poetry Channel

The Poetry Channel contains poems written by our pupils. Some have been recorded, while others are written down as text. Have a look at some of our feature boxes which contain different types of poetry.

watch and listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my poem
watch and listen
short poem with storm benjamin britten soundtrack
This is a cool poem based on storm .
This is a vidio about my storm poem based on the music by Benjimen Britian.
Based on a piece of music
Some of our class reading their poems
National Poetry Day Scotland 2013
This is my poem for the wind. It is called 'What is the wind doing?'
This is the poem I wote called 'What are the trees doing?' below you will see it.
this is my poem that I made and there is a video of me reading it out...
This is a poem about a tree..
This is a poem about trees
This is a poem about wind...
p7 poem
i wrote this poem wondering how does the feel and what it might be doing.
my poem
this week P7 have been writing poems for poetry day!
Free verse poetry 2012
A free verse poem made by ME!
a poem about QUESTIONS
Free verse poem
This is a poem I made about the things I wonder.
A free-verse poem is a poem that doesn't rhyme and has no particular structure.
do you like feelings?
I wonder......
My free verse poem about the universe
The Locked Cupboard!!!
This is a free-verse poem I wrote- Hope you enjoy.
My free verse poem
the mystery
My free verse poem
Japanese poetry
my homework poem
A short tanka poem about a rabbit
A short poem about cats
A Japanese Tanka poem by Hitalia At school
A short tanka poem about reindeer
this is apoem about sping chicks
hope you enjoy it
a poem about dogs by edward
A short poem(Tanka)about Trees.
A story by Bob12 at school
A poem about wolves
i hope you like golden birds
My tanka poem
This poem is a Tanku
My Tanka poem!!
Robert Burns
Download my presentation about Robert Burns
A short story about our Burns Portrait
my poem aboout fireworks
My poem about firework safety
My simile poem
A poem on how to keep safe with fireworks!!
about fireworks
about fireworks
This poem tels you about how to be safe on fireworks night.
Funny poems
A poem about the SSP!
listen this this life of NO ORDINRY OLD MAN CALLED DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (plz fav) XD
Here is a poem I wrote about my bike in the style of Michael Rosen
A funny,entertaining.......poem i wrote
There once was a pup called ...
This is a poem about a boy called josh that spoke very posh....
This is a poem i wrote for school. Hope you like it! =D
If I were..... is a fantastic,funny,amazing and awesome poem even if I say so myself.
About this guy called Dave
a funny and entertaining limerick
A funny poem I wrote
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