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This term, a group of sixth-form History students travelled to Germany. We interviewed Mark, Emma, Joe, Harrison and Maddy to find out what it was all about...
The headlines on March 24th 2011, as reported by HIGHlife reporters from Years 7-9.
Stuck for ideas? Well here's some!
The Jonas Bros Have Broken Up!
A Cinderella Story! Although it is rather old news now, it still is a fanatsic film!
Recently, Year 8 took part in an environment afternoon organised by Beverley High's Science Department.
Wild Target- The Story of A hitman with a heart
Updated - with photos! In January 2010, as part of our preparations for the BBC School report newsday, we sent our intrepid reporters into Norwood House in search of the ghost which roams its corridors...
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15th Feb 11 12:49
One of this years BIGGEST films is sure to be I am Number Four. It tells the story of 9 aliens who were forced to leave their home planet when it was destroyed. Each of the Lorien 9 have special power...
25th Jan 11 13:03
We all blog about our best songs of right now but what about the music that we all know?The best songs ever released...well the top 10 ever released! It is these kind of songs that we all know or have...
11th Jan 11 12:52
The Hit U.S tv show came back to England last night with the first episode of the new series. It tells the story of a high school glee (singing&dancing) club and the struggles they go through. Through...
14th Dec 10 13:01
At the moment I am LOVING, The Time by the Black Eyed Peas. The orginal can never be replaced (Dirty Dancing!) but I really like how the Band have used the well known song and changed it into a modern
30th Nov 10 13:16
As many people may know, I am a bit of Harry Potter obsessive! :)I saw the new film last week and it was brillant, best film yet and I can't wait for the next installment.The film was brilli
9th Nov 10 12:54
HARRY POTTER, OF COURSE!! 19th November 2010 is the date all Potter fans have been waiting for, the dramatic final installment of everyone's favourite wizard. Harry Potter and the
19th Oct 10 12:56
Well as some have you may have seen my blog from last week, I am rather passionate about horses! and In my head I wrote a poem about horse slaughter and before I forget it I want to put it on here!
12th Oct 10 12:06
Well if you are a horse lover like me , you will know what Brooke is. The Brooke is a charity commited to helping injured, abused horses, mules and donkeys. These animals are engines that power the de...
5th Oct 10 12:05
well this week , i havent watched any new films but I am going to talk about one of my favourite bands. PARAMORE!I really enjoy Paramore's music because they all play/sing because they want to no
28th Sep 10 12:57
My films of the summer are Toy Story 3, Eclipse-The Twlight Saga and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.Toy Story 3 follows Woody and his friends 15 years after the orginal. Andy has grown up and off to
23rd Jul 10 08:23
Hope everyone has a great summer!!!
13th Jul 10 12:58
Recently I have discovered the series of books called Gifted. They tell the story of 9 teenagers who all have a "gift"- a special abilty to do something out of the ordinary. There are 9 books in total...
9th Jul 10 15:14
The Whole School took part in international day today. The theme was South Africa! Each lesson had something to do with South Africa and it's culture.
Yr 7 took part in a dance workshop and Yr8 took ...
22nd Jun 10 12:49
Today (the 22nd June 2010), Year 8 will be taking part in an Enviroment afternoon organised by the Science Department. Some of the reporters will be on the case filming what's happening as it happens....
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