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This term, a group of sixth-form History students travelled to Germany. We interviewed Mark, Emma, Joe, Harrison and Maddy to find out what it was all about...
The headlines on March 24th 2011, as reported by HIGHlife reporters from Years 7-9.
Most fans are in shock, others can't believe it, is it true? Have Paramore really split?
The Jonas Bros Have Broken Up!
Recently, Year 8 took part in an environment afternoon organised by Beverley High's Science Department.
Updated - with photos! In January 2010, as part of our preparations for the BBC School report newsday, we sent our intrepid reporters into Norwood House in search of the ghost which roams its corridors...
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8th Mar 11 12:50
Jessie J has recently released an amazing album called 'Who You Are' and on it is hit single 'Price Tag' which once you've heard it once it will be stuck in your head all day! The singer/song writer o...
15th Feb 11 12:59
Bruno Mars the beautiful singer has finally released an album! And it may have been a long wait but it was definitely worth it! The album was released in time for Valentine's Day which is great timing
15th Feb 11 12:49
'Born This Way' by Lady GaGa has been a major hit all over iTunes this week. A typically Gaga tune with a rock edge makes this the perfect song for you and your friends to dance to.
8th Feb 11 13:01
Skepta made it big doing a song with N-dubz called 'So Alive' and now good news! He has his own album out! Its an awesome mix between pop and rap and definitely worth a listen.
11th Jan 11 13:06
This week the track radio stations and music channels have been playing non stop is 'Invincible' By Tinie Tempah (ft Kelly Rowland) And I have to say, it is a beautiful song! The perfect balance betwe...
14th Dec 10 12:43
Matt Cardle is the proud winner of X Factor 2010! His winners single is called 'When We Collide' and it shot to number 1 overnight! If you've been watching the X Factor, it's definitely worth download...
7th Dec 10 13:00
Michael Buble is a classical jazz singer who has just come back with his new single 'Hollywood'. This song puts a modern twist to his original music and is a totally new style of music for him, and ha...
30th Nov 10 12:48
The 17-year-old Jonas Brother will play the role of Marius in Les Miserables.Nick said, “The amazing [theatre producer] Cameron Macintosh reached out to me last year about portraying the rol
16th Nov 10 12:56
So unless you have had your head buried in a hole for the past week or so you will have heard about Take That's new album 'Progress' witch finally came out yesterday! The first Single they releaced is...
9th Nov 10 13:02
As winter is fast aproaching, we all know how easy it is to just go out in your hoodie and trackies, in your wellies and hope no-one is looking at you. Well instead of hiding your face when you pass y...
2nd Nov 10 14:15
Cee Lo Green's new song Forget You is No.3 on the charts. Last saturday the 12 X factor finalists did a cover of it but Cee Lo's original is still the best! Its really catchy and when you listen to it...
19th Oct 10 13:02
The top song of this week is deffinatly 'Just the way you are' by bruno mars. Its a lovely R&B song witch has made it so the top of the charts this week and is deffinatly worth downloading!
28th Sep 10 13:05
Introducing me: This is a great new song that is from the hit movie 'Camp rock 2:The final jam!' Its a catchy song that is played on guitar, its really Good and worth listening to!
29th Jun 10 13:10
Who hasn't heared of the great rapper B.o.B? Cool name and he has just releced an awesome song 'airplanes' featuring Haily Williams from the hit rock band 'Paramore' This is number 5 of the charts bu...
22nd Jun 10 13:04
This week 'California girls' is top of the charts. We all agree that this song deserves to be number 1! It is definitely worth downloading. It is great for mooving and grooving with all your friends!
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