30th May 12 21:09
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29th Jan 12 12:51
This year I am doing my Silver Arts Award, and I am going to publish my work on here!
22nd May 11 11:47
(I typed this up on paper a while ago)I have chosen to organise a concert for the students in year eight who are grade 2+ to perform in, and their parents and friends will come to watch. I h
8th May 11 19:26
Here are some pictures from the year 8 soiree:
7th May 11 13:11
I have completed the challenge, as I performed in Vicky's concert in the 2nd half, and I feel like I did better than I did last year!I really enjoyed listening to her other students perform,
7th May 11 12:36
I am setting myself the challenge of performing at my Piano teacher's annual Easter concert on the 15th April.I chose to do this because I performed in it last year, but as I had only been p
3rd May 11 12:44
On Saturday 2nd April, I attended a concert held by Hull chamber music society at Hull University. The performer was Benjamin Grosvenor, a well known piano prodigy and winner of the keyboard section o
14th Apr 11 18:46
At school, I have been participating in my Bronze arts award for music. There is a lot of work to put into it, and part of it is to effectively communicate my work to you, my peers. I would be gratefu...