2nd Mar 13 14:14
An Australian billionaire is planning to build an exact replica of the ship Titanic, it will be called the Titanic II and will be built in China.Clive Palmer, who's investing his money into
2nd Mar 13 13:59
Since deciding that I was going to finish the 'Word of the Month' blog I have been thinking of a new monthly blog that I would be able to start instead. I then thought of the idea of doing a 'Song of ...
1st Dec 12 22:46
This is not only going to be the last edition of the year but the last one EVER! As I have decided I am going to start a new monthly or weekly blog in the new year so if you have any ideas of what you
17th Nov 12 20:52
This month's word is ' fireworks ' because on the 5th of November it's bonfire night! :)English: fireworksFrench: feu d'artificeGerman: feuerwerkSpanish: fuegos artificiales
19th Oct 12 19:15
Last week was the year 9 interhouse netball competition and after 2 hours of straight playing the results were in.... Wenlock's A & B team came in first place and all of the hard work payed off. Also ...
19th Oct 12 18:47
It's back!, I haven't been updating this blog in a while but I have decided to bring it back! This month's word is pumpkin because it is almost Halloween and soon many people will be carving their pum...
20th Aug 12 23:43
As the X-Factor has returned once again so has 10WHitchE's Big Debate. Both One Direction and JLS were both runners-up on the X-Factor in previous years and increasingly grown in popularity. It has be...
18th Aug 12 01:35
The X-Factor has returned once again after it has created many successful solo artists such as Olly Murs, Shayne Ward and Leona Lewis as well as many fantastic groups such as One Direction, JLS, who w...
9th Jan 12 22:07
This months big debate is over the popstar Justin Bieber - Do you absolutely love him or alternitively, absolutely hate him.Comment Below and start the big debate...
9th Jan 12 21:54
English: new yearFrench: nouvelle annéeDutch: nieuwjaarFinnish: uusi vuosiIrish: bhliain nuaLatin: novus annusLatvian: jaunais gadsPolish: nowy rokSpanish: año
10th Dec 11 11:54
The 'McFly' popstar Dougie Poynter is crowned 'King of the Jungle 2011' after weeks of battle from the other 12 celebrities which included a line up of athlete Fatima Whitbread, Benidorm actress Criss...
9th Dec 11 20:01
English: ChristmasFrench: NoëlGerman: WeihnachtenIrish: NollagHungarian: KarácsonyTurkish: NoelLatvian: ZiemassvetkiItalian: NataleWelsh: NadoligEstonian:
19th Nov 11 13:34
In this blog you can vote on your favourite item of clothing/accesory to be the 'Fashion Item of the Month' to vote just add a comment at the bottom saying which number picture you like the best...
15th Nov 11 13:15
Most people recognise TV programmes through their theme tunes. So in this blog you can vote on what your top 5 TV theme tunes would be.___________
14th Nov 11 18:16
The actor behind the movie world's most exciting voice, Darth Vader or as he is properly called James Earl Jones who played the villain with a deep and dark voice in the Star Wars films.He t
10th Nov 11 18:39
Fairtrade group is having a re-launch next Wednesday (16th November 2011) where everyone can join and see what it is all about! In Fairtrade group we do lots of fun activities which are Fair
10th Nov 11 18:32
A city in the heart of Hollywood has become the first in America to ban the sale of fur clothing. Leaders in West Hollywood have voted to stop the sale of clothes made from the skin or pelt
10th Nov 11 17:11
All though I have had a break from this blog it is back! So here it is...English: FriendsSpanish: AmigosGerman: FreundeFrench: CopainsDutch: VriendenSweden: Vänner
10th Nov 11 16:57
The TV show 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' has been known for many things. From fainting celebs (we mean you Gillian!) to ghastly challenges. Another thing this high octane programme is famous f...
8th Nov 11 19:28
Today Beverley High has exactly 100 reporters on our station! The lucky 100th member was 10dhaysoe. Hopefully by next year we can have double or even triple that amount!Keep on recommending
21st Oct 11 19:41
Would you have noticed? -no, you're not reading this story upside down! In fact, council workers managed to hang it the wrong way up.
5th Apr 11 13:08
English: happyalbanian:i lumturarabic: ????bulgariun: ???????chinese: ??croatiun: sretandutch: gelukkigfinnish: onnellinenfrench: heureuxgerman: glücklich<
6th Mar 11 13:44
English: Small Irish:beag Croatia: mali Romaniun: mici slovaquian: malé Latin:parva Dutch: kleine Norweigen:små
13th Feb 11 09:22
There is also a whole range of new T-shirts designed this year especially for Red Nose Day.....Some of the designs include a range of kings and queens wearing a red nose...A very scary
13th Feb 11 09:16
This year for red nose day there are 3 new noses....They are called Honkus, Chucklechomp and my favourite, Captain Conk!