29th Mar 12 19:43
This weekend I will be going to london to see the free museum in London with my parents and I will be going on a train there and back so it will be very fun for my Birthday. I will find some informati...
28th Mar 12 14:05
This is a video on what I will be doing in my Easter holidays. I hope you all have a good one too!!
28th Mar 12 13:18
If you have Radiowaves for your next elective you will be writing your own stories and your own blogs. You can learn about new and different subjects. I wrote about Sports Relief and from do
21st Mar 12 13:41
Sports relief Sports relief is a big fund raising event. They raise money for people that have poor lives in the UK and across the world's poorest countries. It helps with communi
14th Mar 12 13:27
what is your favrouite ice cream ? my favrouite ice cream is strawberry and raspberry and I get them from Morrisons and Tescos.
14th Mar 12 13:01
This is a really spacial day for mothers around the UK that is why people get nice stuff for mothers day. I am taking my mum out for a nice meal at the blue bell at Belemothope and they have nice meal...
1st Mar 12 13:09
I love Catmose College because I have met lots of fantastic people