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From Lancs to BBC? How S2R made a difference to me.
Centre Point young people, S2R, Helvellyn + HRH Prince William
I took a look at the machine that carries the Rapha stars
I met Stuart at Oulton Park at the Superbike Round
Round 2 of the British Superbike Championships
Our day behind the scenes at Oulton Park
this is some interviews with the people who make it happen
This is my interview with Jason Gardener and Tyrone Edgar
this is my interview with multi-sportsman Iwan Thomas
My comentery and interviews for the 1 lap race!!
Exclusive interview with the fastest man in britain!
we managed to grab an interview with the american star Tyler Hamilton
lightning BOLT has took athletics by storm!
Usain Bolts new world record.
This is my podcast about Canada in the beijing olyimpics
Worlds fastest man vs Former fastest man
war is on the brink between these two countries
This is my chosen team to cover.
I asked Rob Key a question
We have a chance to be there so here is the report on it
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24th Jul 09 14:19
Today really was an expierience I will never forget. It was so good being so high up and when we met prince william it was so good an he was a top guy! I have had a great and scary time!
24th Jul 09 13:43
14th Jul 09 17:02
Arts Award Challenge:
since the first day of the action plan for the arts award i have taken part in a few events that i have presented in and each time i have tried to improve and think of b...
22nd Apr 09 18:41
I would like to take the trip down to the tv phenomenom that is soccer am!
I want to go and have a look behind the scenes and in particular have a chat with Max Rushden and Helen chamberlain because ...
22nd Apr 09 17:40
Today I got the chance to speak with bbc's Delyth Lloyd about my problems in the thingss i do and ways i could improve. I talked to her about being able to get things out more clearly and wa...
22nd Apr 09 17:33
For my live event I would like to cover and commentate on two different events, one i do know very well like a football match and one i dont know as much like speed way or basket ball.
For the f...
15th Apr 09 13:44
On tuesday & wednesday (7th+8th) me and hopeee went to london to tell the football foundations whats what. Well we were showing off the site to them and how much we have progressed since the start...
15th Apr 09 13:29
Im doing an arts award with s2r and i have chosen to improve my presentation skills to get it.
I have made an action plan of what i am going to do and how i was going to do it.

what: I am goin...
1st Apr 09 15:34
The sports personality who we would like to eat with is Steve Parry because hes a funny person and he has a good story. The person from the media who we would like to dine with is Heather St...
21st Feb 09 22:23


21st Feb 09 22:23
21st Feb 09 22:23
21st Feb 09 19:24
21st Feb 09 19:21

Iwan about to begin the race

21st Feb 09 19:11

Iwan warming up

14th Feb 09 15:14
I am spending the day in Sheffield with media accreditation for the European championship trials and some top British athletes are here including Dwain Chambers! Phillips Idowu dropped out the night b...
14th Feb 09 13:04
Here I am with Britain's FASTEST man! After his 60m sprint (he qualified the quickest in his heats )!!
14th Feb 09 11:27
14th Feb 09 11:24
Sheffield athletics
15th Aug 08 15:11
hi everyone!!
Today was good it gave us more pressure to do something which we need to expeirience as this is involved alot in work. Dead lines are hard to reach but i feel good when i do get them by...
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