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My Stories
We work hard in school all day. In the evenings we should be able to choose what we want to do.
If a dog goes bad, is it the owner or the dog to blame? We think that perhaps the owners need more training!
There is nowhere you can go to escape CCTV cameras. They make you feel that you are always being watched. Would life be more pleasant if they were banned?
We think that if you are found guilty of cruelty to animals you should never be allowed to keep any kind of pet again.
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My Blog
24th Nov 10 12:51
Hi, this is are 1st blog! We are the BPTs! (Blue Panda Treaters!) These are our names! Dr Awesome, Skating Tiger, Starry Panda and Drving Guinea Pig! Our idea is about animal cruelty. Please do NOT c...
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